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Articles / Technology

Smartphones Beat PC Revolution, Dot Com Boom and Social Networks in Growth.
  • Currently 2.6584389593062/5 Stars.
Smartphone usage is officially the fastest growing technology trend of the past 3 decades.
NASA Building Deep Space Habitat Mockup
  • Currently 2.6745479833102/5 Stars.
NASA is trying to decide on the size, form and equipment of a possible astronaut habitat.
Volvo Promises Autonomous Vehicles by 2014
  • Currently 2.7004538577912/5 Stars.
How far are we from cars that drive themselves?
Boeing Tests CHAMP, The Blackout Missile
  • Currently 2.6659038901602/5 Stars.
Boeing holds tests in Utah for a missile that shuts the target's power down instead of demolishing it.
Human Sniffers - China's Low-Tech Solution to Hazardous Gases
  • Currently 2.8048245614035/5 Stars.
With China's extremely fast urbanization in recent years, human sniffers are being hired to sniff out hazardous and offensive fumes.
Android 4.1 JellyBean announced, will show benefits of user tracking
  • Currently 2.7795454545455/5 Stars.
The next is stage in the evolution of Google's mobile operating system will soon be upon us.
Blackout Day: The Internet Strikes Back
  • Currently 2.7960848287113/5 Stars.
SOPA and PIPA have been weakened due to websites protesting via Blackout Day on Wednesday, eroding popular support for the two bills and raising awareness of them across the net.
US Military Loses Hypersonic Test Plane
  • Currently 2.9349593495935/5 Stars.
An unmanned experimental aircraft designed to glide down from the upper atmosphere at 20 times the speed of sound lost contact with ground control on its second test flight on Thursday, a Pentagon agency said.
Why Do We Need Nuclear Power?
  • Currently 2.7437673130194/5 Stars.
With the recent events at Fukushima Daiichi, a lot of Canadians are questioning the use of nuclear-generated energy.
DARPA’s Nuclear-Powered, Cyborg Insects
  • Currently 2.9143279172821/5 Stars.
I never thought I’d live to see the day where I could (honestly) write an article on nuclear powered, cyborg insects but DARPA has made this nerdy wet dream a reality. Read on for more info and even video footage!