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Videos / Life On Earth

Tagging A 2,000 Pound Great White Shark
A great white shark, named Lydia, measuring 14'6" and weighing 2000 lbs was tagged and released near the popular surfing spot called Mayport Poles, Jacksonville, Florida.

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Cheetah In Slow Motion
A high-speed camera shows a cheetah moving at full speed in slow motion, giving time to appreciate these elegant, powerful predators.

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Man VS Lion
A man holds a lion at bay with nothing more than body language and a roll of toilet paper.

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Feeding Orphan Bats
The care and feeding of nine adorable baby bats.

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Working Together to Save the Saola
With its unusually long horns and white markings on the face, the saola is a strong symbol for biodiversity in Lao and Vietnam.

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Stick Insects of Lord Howe Island
The Lord Howe stick insect was thought to be extinct for over 80 years until rediscovered clinging to a bush on Balls Pyramid off Lord Howe Island.

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