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Videos / Physics & Chemistry

Freezing Substances By Boiling
While it may seem counter-intuitive, liquids require heat to boil and, if you create the right conditions, one liquid can be boiled in order to freeze a second.

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Mercury Corrodes Aluminum
This timelapse (2 hours in real time) shows the destructive force of a small amount of mercury amalgamating itself into an aluminum I-beam.

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Cannonball Dropped Into Mercury
Liquid mercury is an extremely dense fluid. You would be surprised just how heavy an object can float on it.

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Ping Pong Fission
The experiment was conducted for an AP Chemistry Class at the Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School (HSA). In this video around 300 mousetraps and 600 ping pong balls are used to demonstrate a fission reaction.

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Meet the Elements
This animated, upbeat ode to the periodic table of elements shows how they form our world. A great video for viewers of all ages.

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Understanding Acceleration and G Forces
This video shows you the effects of G forces and acceleration on the Human body.

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