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Videos / Physics & Chemistry

Saltwater Fuel
This inventor accidentally stumbles upon salt water fuel while trying to find a cure for cancer.

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Magnetic Levitation
The ability to levitate objects through magnetism is investigated, using metal and frogs.

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Science of Cadbury Cream Eggs
This video features a handful of cool experiments one can conduct with a Cadbury cream egg. Watch this delicious treat get smashed and exploded in a variety of ways.

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Fire Water
What do you get when you mix potassium, diethyl ether and a little bit of water?

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Ice in Seconds
Relatively pure water cooled slowly below the freezing point may remain liquid (supercooled). It may then crystallize into ice quickly by some catalyst: here, strong vibrations, and seeding by an ice crystal.

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Instant Crystal Growing
Watch as crystals are formed instantly using sodium acetate. Try it at home!

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