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Videos / Astronomy

Under the Namibian Sky
This 13 min video contains about 250 hours of actual exposures, gathered at Tivoli Farm, Namibia, during 10 perfectly cloudless nights.

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Connecting The Space Shuttle and 747
The orbiter and its flying taxi, a retrofitted jumbo 747, have shared many a flight. Take a look at the history and development of the Mate-Demate Device (MDD) and catch a time-lapse of the joining of these two massive aerial machines.

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Was Venus Alive?
Venus, not Mars, may have been the most likely planet in our solar system to have also developed life, scientists say.

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Tour of ATV-3 From The ISS
The Automated Transfer Vehicle docked with the International Space Station on 29 March delivering around two tonnes of dry cargo, 285 kg of water and more than three tonnes of propellants.

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Science of the Sphere: Space Soundwaves
Don Pettit demonstrates water oscillations on a speaker in microgravity.

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NASA SDO - Intertwining Plasma Streams
Two regions of dark plasma were documented in close proximity. Over the course of a day (March 27-28, 2012), they were seen to dance and blend together. The dark plasma, is cooler than the surrounding material, giving it a darker appearance.

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