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Videos / Astronomy

Astronaut Drops Hammer On The Moon
Astronaut Charles Duke, of Apollo 16, attempts to hammer a core tube into the lunar soil. He soon learns how difficult it can be with a low-mobility space suit.

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The Saturn Hexagon
At Saturn's north pole lies a strange cloud formation in the shape of a hexagon. Here is a little bit of information about what lies at the heart of it.

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The Elements of Supernova Cas A
This Chandra X-ray video shows the elemental distribution of supernova remnant Cassiopeia A.

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Valles Marineris
Latin for "Mariner Valley", this incredible canyon is found on the surface of Mars.

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Hypnotic Solar Explosions in 4k
To the naked eye, our sun is an unremarkable ball of heat and light. Under the eye of the Solar Dynamics Observatory, or S.D.O, the Sun's activity is revealed under various spectrum's of light.

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ChemMatters: How NASA Keeps Tabs On Air Pollution
NASA’s Aura satellite can detect global air pollution levels from space by understanding the changing chemistry of the Earth’s atmosphere. This satellite can measure air quality, across the entire planet, in just 24 hours.

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