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Don’t expect New England’s 2019 offense look like 2018’s.

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Don’t expect New England’s 2019 offense look like 2018’s.

Postby liny195 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:12 pm

"One of the classic but incorrect criticisms of Tom Brady compared to other quarterbacks is the old ‘he never played in another system.’ While the future Hall of Famer did spend his entire career so far with the New England Patriots http://www.patriotslockerroom.com/authentic-patrick-chung-jersey , the system in which he played has been a highly diverse one over the last two decades: with several coordinators coming and going and coming again, the Patriots’ scheme evolved all the time depending on the personnel.Don’t be surprised if 2019 is more of the same. Over the course of the offseason, the Patriots added big wide receivers to play alongside returning veterans Julian Edelman and Phillip Dorsett: first-round draft pick N’Keal Harry is 6-foot-3, while free agency additions Demaryius Thomas, Dontrelle Inman and Maurice Harris are all in the same area. Add suspended Josh Gordon and the tight ends and you have a tall group of receivers.This is, of course, somewhat of a deviation from years past and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is aware of that. “We’ve had some experience with bigger players periodically, and everybody makes a big deal out of that because we have had some players that are a little smaller be successful,” the Patriots’ offensive play caller said during a meeting with the media ahead of last week’s rookie minicamp.For McDaniels, however, size is irrelevant to a certain degree: it is about talent, and about getting this talent in the best possible situation to be successful. “I think the biggest thing that we try to do with our team and our offense in particular, as I’m talking about it, is just take guys that have a skill and a talent about it and don’t try to fit them to what we have done in the past,” said the 43-year-old.“
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