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This school, a new physical education teacher came

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This school, a new physical education teacher came

Postby ylq » Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:28 pm

This school, a new physical education teacher came to our school. Tell you, her surname is Li, a female teacher in her twenties. what! I want to come to our famous Wujia class to coach, do not plant a few to follow the blame! You listen, "Let me play the first shot, pack her to eat spicy porridge!" The snot screaming king said, "Of course, forgive her a female lover who has no gimmicks, must be a 'laughing slap.'" In one class, after the students said hello to her, she competed for a ninety degree squat, which is the standard Japanese style. At that time, many students blurted out: "Japanese instructor!" After telling the rules of the class, she told us to line up at the playground. Mom! This is the matter of the door, stand upright, where to pay attention to chest, head up, and feet ... when looking forward, the head of the head is facing the back of the head. The most difficult thing is that the collection and disintegration of the ghost gates. "Collection - Dissolution!" "Collection - Dissolution!" has come a dozen times. Fortunately, after the class bell saved us, otherwise, she would have to come twenty or tl you a secret. Hello, don't tell her! We called her "fake boy" in the back. Because her hair is cut shorter than my father's. Especially once, she is giving us a demonstration of the horizontal bar action. Suddenly, a snake came out from the foot of the wall, scared the female classmates screaming and screaming. Several of our daring male students were optimistic about this good opportunity. They looked at the "fake boy" with gloating and thought: "See how you are." "Oh, weird, she went to the snake, and suddenly picked up the snake, waved it a few laps, and then "slammed" and fell to the ground. I saw that the snake was lying on the side like a scattered frame. Here, we have a few naughty ghosts, and my heart secretly admired: "There is a manly man!" Since then, the "fake boy" has been called more loud.
else is not convinced of her, that is the "golden" of our class - sweet. In the past, she ran 400 meters and 800 meters each time, she was free from trial. We just can't get used to her delicateness. But she has the certificate of the hospital. The upper head clearly says: The sprained foot should not be strenuous Marlboro Cigarettes Price. In fact, the meeting will not know that this "exemption tester" is not because there is a grandmother who is a doctor. The proof of opening is certainlyy" teacher called sweet. Unexpectedly, today's 800 meters test, sweet and pouted to participate. We are happy, and we have surrounded Mr. Li. Suddenly, "Dream" called out: "Long live the teacher 'false boy"!" All of our classmates were stunned. Unexpectedly, Teacher Li said with a smile: "Thank you for giving me such a good name." "Wow, Long live!"
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Re: This school, a new physical education teacher came

Postby mattnate330 » Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:21 pm

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Postby Mercy » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:39 am

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