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Do You Own An Apple Product? Is It Worth The Cost?

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Do You Own An Apple Product? Is It Worth The Cost?

Postby ABigPileOfTurtles » Mon Jun 20, 2011 2:15 pm

Serious question here, so don't feel ashamed and plz no bashing anyone.

Who here actually owns an Apple product?

When it comes to apple, it seems like Humanity is very bipolar. Tons of fanboys, tons of haters. So it makes me want to ask (if anyone wants to answer):

Those of you who actually own/use (or have owned/used) Apple products, what did you like and what did you dislike? Would you recommend it to somebody else, or would you advise an alternative?

Seriously people, I want to generate an actually insightful conversation here. Most of the net just bashes or raves, this place seems enlightened enough to tackle this from an educated perspective ;)
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Re: Do You Own An Apple Product? Is It Worth The Cost?

Postby Skywalker » Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:40 pm

Great question. I actually own an iPod Touch.

I am proudly not part of that whole "Apple Culture" and the who iFad going on, but one advantage to having so many Apple-Obsessed people in this country is the market for second hand gadgets is pretty good. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if some of the die-hard fans just threw out their functional gadgets to get the flavor of the month.

It is an older, relatively smaller, model of the touch but I paid $50 on kijiji and am very happy with it.

In my opinion they make quality products (not durability wise, but in terms of in-device user experience), but their pricing reflects the hype behind their corporation and not the true value of the products. I understand why they are squeezing every last penny out of the fanatics, but you won't catch me lining up overnight to sink $400-600 into a handheld device.

Buy used apple products if you have to go apple.
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Re: Do You Own An Apple Product? Is It Worth The Cost?

Postby d_nov » Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:11 pm

Old thread, but still relevant so....

In general I find Apple products to be overrated and overpriced (the whole "culture" thing makes me facepalm), but not nearly as bad as some of the haters make them out to be.

Mac - Overpriced and overrated. I was advised by professors to get a Mac to use for Adobe CS (Photoshop, Illustrator etc) , so I got one of those 13" macbooks. I found no difference between the Mac version of CS and the Windows version at all, even compatibility wasn't an issue. Yeah the OS is really pretty, but it was just the novelty to me. I'd recommend Windows (not PC because Mac IS a PC :ugeek: ) anyday

iOS - If you jailbreak it, the iPod Touch is the best thing Apple ever put out IMO because you get access to all the apps without having to shell out $600 or stick your wireless provider's money hose in your pocket for 2 years. As far as phones go, I'd recommend an Android phone over the iPhone unless you REALLY want those console game ports. Android phones support Flash and microSD cards, have a huge appstore, more customization, and most importantly no iTunes. Some even have HDMI output. Far as the iPad goes - I'd say wait for the Amazon Kindle Fire and then find a guide on how to root it and install a custom Android ROM (Google is your friend). It's gonna have a 1Ghz dual core processor with 512MB of RAM (like the iPad 2) and cost only $200. The catch is the OS is designed to spam Amazon products in your face, but that's where the rooting and ROMs come in. Amazon knows this is gonna be happening and have specifically said they're not gonna do a thing about it. They plan to make up for the losses in product sales.
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Re: Do You Own An Apple Product? Is It Worth The Cost?

Postby Nova » Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:37 am

Thanks for the well informed post d_nov! I am actually planning to get an android phone in the coming months. Should be a pleasant change from blackberries. They are decent enough phones, but RIM has not really kept up with the times and I find myself handicapped by their limitations.
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Re: Do You Own An Apple Product? Is It Worth The Cost?

Postby balmander » Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:11 am

As for me Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone X is the best smartphone for photo retouching (lips and teeth retouching) - excellent usability and quality
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