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Basic Game Guide

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Basic Game Guide

Postby doxamajog » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:33 am


- You can use the right mouse button to examine any element on the screen. A message with the description and help will be displayed.
- Before you start the game, examine the different difficulty modes and choose the one that fits best for you.
- Experiment and try everything, this is the best advice. Remember you can save your progress anytime you want. The game auto-saves when you the change locations, but it is highly recommended to keep several save game slots.
- In general, don't spend all of your money. You should keep something with you to buy essential objects like food torches and lockpicks.
- Remember this is a non-linear game. You can go wherever you like, but be careful. You can find challenges and enemies impossible to beat with your current level. Explore other zones and come back when you are prepared.

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